CEPI is a full-service civil engineering, surveying, and landscape architecture firm. Our work is often hidden—beneath the ground, buildings, or pavement—but our success is defined by how well our designs compliment the building or site. On projects large and small, we help navigate project challenges and client needs so the site performs well today and tomorrow.

Site Development

Site development requires a careful understanding of how the site will need to function day in and day out. We put ourselves in the shoes of end users so each design component both enhances the architectural vision and provides high value.

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Utility Design

Utilities are often hidden, but they are an essential part of how the site performs. At CEPI, one size does not fit all, so we consider each site’s individual needs and the best design solutions for the project.

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Water Resources

Our water resource designs speak for themselves. We work hard to ensure water adds to the aesthetics and functionality of the site and stays off the fields, trails and parking lots used each day.

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Landscape Architecture

Our landscape architecture and land planning services not only enhance site aesthetics, but also provide functionality, value, and cohesiveness with natural surroundings and the environment.

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Property Surveys & Easements

Our property survey and easements expertise is especially valuable to determine the location of easements and boundary lines in order to prevent encroachment and reveal any discrepancies, especially for rural infrastructure projects.

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Our dedicated, in-house surveying team has the experience and cutting-edge equipment needed to deliver value in all types of surveys. Whether the project requires surveying for boundary lines, topography, hydrology, infrastructure, right-of-way, control, or underground utilities, we provide accuracy, precision, and value.

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Construction Staking

Builders can’t begin to work out the logistics of a construction project until the dimensions and features of the construction plans are mapped on the ground. This is known as construction staking, and CEPI has many years of experience providing accurate staking surveys for builders to ensure construction goes according to plan.

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Decisions and actions that affect land are some of the most complex. They always involve resource allocation, are often long-term and can positively or negatively affect community character. Thoughtful planning can ensure that those decisions and actions reflect community goals, preserve and enhance community character, and minimize the ill-effects of unfettered growth.

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About Us

Who We Are

CEPI is a full-service civil engineering firm in Casper, Wyoming. For over 30 years, we have been providing quality engineering, planning, and surveying services to our wide array of clients in Wyoming.

Our staff of 18 includes a dedicated engineering and planning division, a landscape architect division, and a surveying division. Principals, Rob Bennett, Bill Fehringer and Nick Larsen are proud of their team and the quality of work CEPI continually produces for its clients.

Our Mission Is Simple

At CEPI, we “do the right thing.” This mission statement embodies our approach to providing the highest quality professional services to our clients. When we approach a project, we endeavor to find the best solution. We don’t focus on profit margins or the size of the project. We simply endeavor to do the right thing. This attitude coupled with our high quality technical services, long term service commitments, and local knowledge contribute to the continued success of our clients and CEPI.

We have compiled a team of professionals with a history of successfully working together to meet the needs of our clients and their projects. Our team is committed to the success of a project and providing a comprehensive and complete design package.

Our Projects

Looking for a Career?

CEPI is always looking for skilled professionals, including civil engineers, draftsmen, and surveyors. At CEPI, we believe teamwork always gives the clients the best product. Contact us, if you are interested in becoming part of our team.

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