Master Plans

CEPI has completed numerous water, sanitary, and drainage studies.  In 2006, CEPI completed a Water Master Plan for the City of Casper.  The project provided the City of Casper with a document examining all areas of their water distribution system.  The master plan included a detailed analysis of the current water distribution system, projected growth in and around Casper, and recommended improvements for the current distribution system as well as recommended improvements for the future growth.  As part of the master plan, CEPI also created a hydraulic water model to help with the analysis.  CEPI currently maintains and updates the hydraulic water model for the City of Casper.

The following is a sample of projects that CEPI has completed or is currently working on:  City of Casper Sanitary Sewer Master Plan, City of Douglas Water Master Plan, Town of Glenrock Water Master Plan, as well as many drainage studies for subdivisions and other developments.